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Caem 4.0.4non-carbon | Mac OS X version new
Logik's application Caem is at version 4.0.4, if you download it and want to leave kind words and a rating on versiontracker follow these two links, the ones above directly download it. Caem is a anonymous email program, which has been in development and production for many years. Leave feedback for Mac OS X Caem or Non-Mac OS X Caem for systems before 9
  07.23.2k2 E-Mail
iTools Gone .Mad! new iTools is now known as .Mac there are a few important things to note, first off if you were a iTools member your account has changed to a 60 day trial of the .Mac 100.00/year service - after that point yer .Shit out of Luck and lost yer stuff. Now is your time to move your .site and .email to another host provider unless you want to shell out 100.00

For those who think .Mac is a solution for you it may be - It comes with 100 megs of hard disk space, the email and a few extras such as Anti-Virus software and a backup utility. If you already have antivirus like all mac hackers should then i dont see it working for you. The virus program bundled with the service is Virex by McAfee. Let me know your thoughts - Freaky
  07.17.2k2 Apple
Proxy Bouncer 4 Carbon new Team2600's Proxy Bouncer 4 is much faster than prior versions. Download this new program now. Connect to proxies for all your Internet Apps   06.13.2k2 Network/Proxy
Spic & Spam v2.6 Classic Carbon new
v2.5 incorporates a few new concepts: general spamming, HTML-enriched e-mail bodies

Previous incarnations have only allowed you to spam with a userlist and a supplied e-mail host. Now you have the option of spamming the original way, plus using a list of full e-mail addresses.

WHAT'S TO COME IN THE NEXT RELEASE: A "gatherer" for the likes of Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. that does searches for live e-mail addresses on any or all free web-based e-mail services. Can either specify to search via a specific keyword, or randomly generated name searches.
  05.23.2k1 email
Team2600.com Back Online new
After a few weeks of outage the Team2600 web site is back online with a new face, check out their design and download of few of their mac hack apps!
  05.23.2k2 Link
Macintosh Underground Forums 2.0 new The Macintosh Underground Forum Needs your help! Upgraded to version 2.0 and killing most all the threads we need you Mac users to post! Check it out, link to it from your sites and tell a friend.   05.23.2k2 Forums
CellPhoneHacks new
This is a site devoted to cellular phone hacks, if you have a cellphone and are interested in some secrets, modding or data cable information this site has it, post your messages about cellular phone hacks there!
  05.23.2k2 Link
ATT Blitz 2002 v2.0.1 Classic Carbon Win32 new
ATT Blitz utilizes the mobile messenger websites of 6 cellular providers to send a user-defined number of bogus messages to the target's phone. Messages to targets have IPs, so this app has SOCKS v4/v5 support. NEW IN THIS RELEASE: Bug Fixes and enhancements to e-mail functions to include working around determining which "hello" command to send to a mail server.
-Mancow claims responsibility for this evil application
-Carbon or Classic PPC
-Some minor bug fixes
-Single Socket Or Multisocket
-Customizable message (but not the subject or from fields, since not always applicable)
-Now capable of attacking these phones:
*Sprint PCS
  5.23.2k2 Cellular/Attack
Vulnerability in Multiple Microsoft Products for Mac OS new
There is a vulnerability in multiple Microsoft products on Mac OS. The problem lies in the handling of a lengthy subdirectory in the file:// directive, such as file:///AAAAAA[...] or file://A/A/A/A/[...]. The number of subdirectories is trivial as long as there is at least one.
  4.16.2k2 exploit
Book - F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-Com... new
The website FuckedCompany has been a favorite of mine, I visit it daily, The author of the site just released a book called F'd Companies - For all you computer people this is a must have book, its all about .Com's which have really been F'd! So many companies spent millions on needless items making it so the payroll couldn't but cut. This should be your Next book report! Im serious. This is a link to the book, in turn if you buy it we get a few bucks to help with the hosting!
  4.12.2k2 Book about Fucked .com's
CAEM 4.0.2 OS X or Carbon new Caem 4 OS X AND CARBON is Logik's new creation stands for completely anonymous email, and is the most powerful anonymous email tool available for macintosh. it offers advanced anonymity techniques that completely remove any identification headers that could point back to the sender, which means you can send secure, completely anonymous email without having to worry about the mail beng traced back.

New Features:
¥ improvements to auto-headers.
¥ runs on os 9 with carbonlib.
¥ bug fixes.
¥ builds for os x
¥ smtpd list retreival and posting.
¥ premium smtpd retrieval.
¥ import and extraction of email addresses, emails, and smtpds.
¥ much improved location and time zone support.
¥ mailbox for sent mail.
¥ improved looping, configureable.
¥ auto generation of headers based on mail info
¥ integrated version checking.
¥ export of recipients, contacts, smtpds, and emails to text and html.
¥ window menu.
¥ drag and drop.
¥ interface improvements.
¥ overall speed enhancements.
¥ much improved, fully functional file transfers.
¥ bug fixes all over.
¥ individual selection of cc or bcc for recipients.
¥ logging.
¥ more contextual menu support.
¥ ability to add custom headers.
¥ a lot more.

Logik's Webpage - View Screenshot and yes, the classic version is coming soon!
  4.09.2k2 E-Mail
StreamEdit 1.0b2 new
StreamEdit is a utility that allows you to modify a TCP 'stream' or UDP datagrams. It does this by tunnelling the data through itself and then allow you to edit it arbitrarly or use real-time filters. Those filters support regular expressions and can modify the data or trigger actions. The main purpose of StreamEdit is security analysis, but it can serve many more. From protocol analysis to intrusion detection testing, possibilities are endless. Created by WeeDo (:

New this verison:
- The edit window now displays all characters using the VT100 font (thanks Mancow!).
- Important bug fixes with filter management : changes now reflect all active tunnels.
- Possibility to manage filters in 'offline' mode (so you dont have to create a tunnel to manage filters).
- No more using system fonts, so appearance is more stable.
- Many other small programming and interface glitches fixed ... overall stability improved.
  3.15.2k2 Network
Mac Hackers Workshop MHW new Macintosh Hackers Workshop (MhW) v. 1.1 is a hacking suite for the Macintosh that consists of four modules. It runs on MacOS 9.x and 10.x. It is mainly aimed at cracking (or auditing) Unix passwords but you can use it for other purposes.   02.25.2k2 Cracking
b00m-HXD 1.0b1 FAT | CARBON new
Deejayicet on ground418 recently coded b00m-HXD - a hotline Denial of Service attack application which uses sock v4 to connect a lot of bots to the specified hotline server and perform many commands. 40 working proxy list to power b00m-HXD.

The bot crashed shxd simply bu using the /find . command with 40 bots. Other options include broadcast/msg spam, nick/icon change, chat flood.
  2.04.2k2 Hotline/attack
MacAnalysis 2.1 X (Mac OS X) new
MacAnalysis for Mac OS X is out adding many new features. Get this security auditing suite and find out if your computer is hackable, make sure the other computers on your network do not contain any holes other hackers could get to first! Download it now from the link above. (:
  1.07.2K2 Mac OS X Security
Salt Mine Reader 050 new
Serial kids, heres a new version of the alternative serial reading program Salt Mine Reader.
  12.06.2k1 Serial Numbers
Mac OS X Update CD Hack new
Apple is asking me to take down a mirroed site of instructions that contain information they find unsuitable. After my discussion with the Apple Lawyer I will make my discision about this subject. This information *Suposedly* informs you about how to take one of Apples Free or $20.00 update CD's and change it into a full Mac OS X cd in a few simple steps. From what I know people are supposedly making mirrors of this site and hosting it on out of country services. I am going to read up on the DMCA and talk to the lawyer so i can know more about what hosting a mirror of this site violates.
  12.05.2k1 Information
Sega Dreamcast - New $50 new
SEGA just announced the price drop on the SEGA DREAMCAST to $50.00. I just bought two of them as they make great gifts for the holidays and for my personal entertainment. Click the link above to find out details and to purchase them. Im talking brand new!@ Thats cheaper than the gameboy. heheheh. How long can they keep the prices like this. Great deal (:
  11.21.2k1 SALE: SEGA
Spic & Spam v2.5f new
v2.5 incorporates a few new concepts: general spamming, HTML-enriched e-mail bodies

Previous incarnations have only allowed you to spam with a userlist and a supplied e-mail host. Now you have the option of spamming the original way, plus using a list of full e-mail addresses.

WHAT'S TO COME IN THE NEXT RELEASE: A "gatherer" for the likes of Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. that does searches for live e-mail addresses on any or all free web-based e-mail services. Can either specify to search via a specific keyword, or randomly generated name searches.
  11.21.2k1 email
iPod Free File Access 1.1b2 new
With iPod Free File Access (iPFFA) you can easiely access the music folder on the iPod disk created by iTunes 2. Just drag the iPod disk onto iPFFA, the music folder will be visible and opens automatically for quick & easy access. After dragging the iPod disk onto iPFFA it knows the iPod's disk name and from now you can make the folder visible just by launching iPFFA.

OS X note: The OS X-Finder does not reliable update the folder contents of the music folder after it opened by iPFFA. One workaround would be to logout/login to see the folder contents but that's quite impractical. A better workaround is to relaunch the Finder and therefore iPFFA does this with the help of "iPFFA OS X Helper". This application must reside in the same folder as iPFFA to work. Created by christian vick
  11.21.2k1 mp3 ipod itunes
NailMail X new
Mac OS X version of Team2600's classic NailMail program - For anonymous and mailbombing purposes. This is preview 1 for the Mac OS X system. Send email with added privacy.
  11.19.2k1 Mac OS X/Mailbomb
MacAnalysis 2.0b8 new
We're in a world of security full of hackers trying to secure ourselves before others hack us. Sometimes many of us are too busy hacking others we forget about our own security. MacAnalysis is a true and complete security auditing suite for the Macintosh. You can audit your own computer for security holes and also remote computers, this program can easily become your best friend while securing your computers (;
  11.15.2k1 Auditing
FMA CD Promotion! new
Freaks Macintosh Archives CD-ROM for $9.99 only @ Micro Center select stores! Read about this special offer and where a Micro Center near you is located. That is more 1/2 the price of the FMA CD sold online. The stores only have limited quantity, if you purchase the CD from the store and mail in your reciept you will get the free update CD. You may purchase the Freaks Mac Archives CD-ROM at the following Micro Center stores. If you take a photo of the CD on the shelves and the outside of the store and mail it into the address listed you will be sent a $10.00 check for your time!

Fairfax, Virginia - Pan Am Plaza, 3089 Nutley Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 727 Memorial Drive (corner of Magazine Street)
Dallas, Texas - Keystone Plaza, 13929 N. Central Expressway
  11.13.2K1 Promotion
MAC OS X Security Alert new
Once logged into Mac OS X you may follow these instructions to have access to root terminal.

1. Open up the Terminal.app
2. Quit it.
3. Open up NetInfo Manager (leave it in the foreground)
4. Open up Terminal.app from the *RECENT ITEMS* list in the Apple Menu.

See # ? You have root!
  10.17.2k1 Mac OS X
Registration Resetter new
Registration Resetter allows you to reset your name, business, or organization in applications that you have registered. This is sometimes neccesary in case of a name change, business change, or divorce. Registration Resetter also comes with PrefReader, which allows you to see the actual contents of a preference file.

Coded by AgentOJ
  10.09.2k1 Serials
Fool 1.3 new IRCLE was script submitted by dgosling The IRCLE IRC script functionality includes Msg flood, Dcc flood, Ping flood, Mirc kill 5.4, ASCII art, only a few quick commands are up now, not really working on that. I hope soon it will have MIrc 5.7 kill, more floods, and protection. (Protection is a pain the the ASS...)   10.03.2k1 IRC
Rameira Carbon 68k PPC new
Rameira - It's a wordlist generator, you can make it generate all the possible combinations of the size you choose between the characters you choose! i've made this program because i've never seen any good wordlist generator for the mac plataform. with rameira, you can stop generating the wordlist and resume it in another time very easily! Programmed by BugBug [website]
  10.01.2k1 Utility
AOLServer Bomb new
Macintosh application which exploits buffer overflow in AOLServer web daemons. Sends crash string to inputted server, tests server online status, save transcript. Now with full SOCKS v4/v5 proxy support & a few minor bug fixes. security issue posted @ securityfocus
  09.21.2k1 DoS
Morphekazaa DoS Attack new Attempts to flood file-sharing ports of the popular Kazaa and Morpheus file-sharing services. Read this for a better indication:

"Both Kazaa and Morpheus filesharing applications have 'backdoors' which allow anonymous file access to their shared folder. What does this have to do with Denial of Service? Unlike connections made from other users of the applications, the number of connections to the backdoor cannot be regulated or detected by the client. This obviously will allow us to flood the server with requests and therefore use up all of the available bandwidth. Also due to the fact that most users have setup their firewall privileges so that Kazaa or Morpheus is allowed access to open connections to outside sources this attack will bypass most personal firewall clients such as Zone Alarm." indepth information link
  09.21.2k1 DoS
DEFCON 9 Hack T-Shirt new
you can grab this t-shirt in all different sizes, was being sold @ Def Con, a hacker convention in Las Vegas, so you know it rocks! ...Hacking, Phreaking, Cracking, Warez & MP3's.. snag one today before they sell out.
  09.21.2k1 Hack Wear
AIMThief new
This program is created by Hypah with hack mods by mancow. Your AIM password suddenly change and you cant seem to get back online. It is because your account was HiJacked. This program will do the exact. It will change the persons password so the attacker can login to the aim account. You do not need to have this program installed on the computer to steal it, it will do it remotely. This affects all AIM users with the usernames shorter than 10 charectors. Before you get hacked, change your username and import your buddy list. Have fun. =)

This program ("AIM Thief") performs a fraudulent act in order to "steal" an AOL Instant Messenger screen name. An America Online account is created with a valid credit card number (obviously stolen) to assist in the theft process. For those of you who might not be aware, that is a felonious act punishable by imprisonment in the United States. With that said, myself (Mancow) nor the distributor of this application accept any responsibility for your usage of the program. It is the endusers' responsibility to understand the potential consequences that can accompany use of this program. You have been warned.
  08.29.2k1 hack
Disengage 1.0 new This program will decrypt the user information stored in FileGuard 4.0 and DiskGuard showing the username and password. This program was created by the group mSec.   08.15.2k1 Hacking
Macintosh Security Store new
SecureMac just opened a new storefront with a kick ass design by iGGy and added a few new products. Including the Freaks Mac Archives UPDATE CD and the book Maximum Security 3rd Edition (Macintosh Chapter included) and a T-SHIRT!@ Gotta check out the store, let me know how you like it freaky@staticusers.net
  08.14.2k1 New Store
Mac OS X xnu Patch new
Peter Bartoli created this patch that will enable Mac OS X to spoof MAC addresses from programs such as ettercap and Nemesis. A nice addition to the Mac OS X library. Go to Peter's Homepage to learn more.
  08.10.2k1 Mac OS X
MacBus Client v1.7b1 new
This is the first public release of MacBus. There are a load of bugs and missing features, but that will be fixed in later releases. This is the program to control PC computers that have the NetBus server installed.

For those of you who know what NetBus is, MacBus is NetBus for the Mac. It has all of the original features including screendump and open CD-ROM, and it has many more features and improvements.

What does it do? It is a system administration tool. With it you can gain almost complete control over and PC Compatible that is on a network. Whether its two computers networked together in your bedroom, or 10,000 at your office, you have complete control with MacBus.
  08.06.2k1 Trojan
Decryptor 1.0 new Decryptor is a program to decrypt PasswordMaster Stored Files, this program was briefly seen on VersionTracker.com

More about PasswordMaster:
PasswordMaster helps you easily store and organize all your software serial numbers, registration codes and passwords — as well as create your own 12-character alpha-numeric passwords based on your data input.
  08.01.2k1 Security Hack
Sub7Me Server new
Subseven Macintosh Edition Server is out now! grab your copy this program is developed by Team2600 (Agent OJ) and is fully compatible with the client. Now you can infect and connect your Mac and remotely control it from another connection. This is the first port of a trojan based on a popular PC Sub7 protocal. This is alpha release so there are many features yet to be implimented.
  07.30.2k1 Trojan
Monitorer new Keystroke Logger extension works on OS 9.x too! $5 registration fee (:   07.24.2k1 KeyLoggers
Virus W32.Sircam.Worm@mm new
Virus W32.Sircam.Worm@mm is a PC virus that just hit the media. This will not disrupt the service of your Macintosh. Use this for researching purposes only. To find out more about this virus see News.com or any other media source.
  07.23.2k1 VIRUS
Aura Subnet Scanner 2.02 new Aura Subnet scanner gives you the ability to scan unlimited range of ports and ips. so you can scan to for ports 1,2,90,81,25,23,21 on each IP. The only subnet scanner I know of that has multiport capabilities   07.23.2k1 Internet
NVP Trojan new
Dispupts the ability to utilize some keys on the keyboard. Manipulates the System-File.(Systemfolder:System). Use this file with caution it is considered a virus.
  07.20.2k1 VIRUS
Virus Killer Installer +Real Basic 2.0 Src Code new THIS IS A VIRUS - Despite the title of the program this is a virus or trojan. Just added to the archives, included is the source code in real basic 2.0 code   07.20.2k1 VIRUS
Portscanner X classic | carbon | old new A Team2600 production, this is claimed to be the fastest port scanner for the Mac OS and is OS X compatible. Take a look and see the work of Caidoz. We are sure to see Sub7server any day now after the announcement @DEF CON   07.18.2k1 Internet
DEF CON 9 new
DEF CON 9 Was held in Las Vegas July 13th-15th. We gave a glass shattering performance and have finished the convention. Read about the aftermath and overview of the Macintosh portion of the DEF CON 9 show.
  7.18.2k1 DEFCON 9
EtherPEG new EtherPEG is a free program for the Macintosh that shows you all the JPEGs (and GIFs) going by on your network. When images are downloaded the program will pop them up as they come across. Wondering what kind of pictures your classmates/workers are looking at? I see this program being used by System Administrators of school networks and in the job place to ensure that everyone is doing their work. EtherPEG works with any TCP/IP network, including Ethernet networks and wireless networks like AirPort, as long as the data is not encrypted. If the data is encrypted using IPSEC, or Virtual Private Network (VPN) products like PGPNet, or Web Browser SSL encryption, then third-parties cannot view your data. EtherPEG works by capturing unencrypted TCP packets off your local network, collecting packets into groups based on TCP connection (determined from source IP address, destination IP address, source TCP port and destination TCP port), reassembling those packets into order based on TCP sequence number, and then scanning the resulting data for byte sequences that suggest the presence of JPEG or GIF data. Visit the homepage of Etherpeg and bookmark it   07.09.2k1 Internet
Dolly-Mail 68k PPC Carbon new
Dolly-Mail is an anonymous mailer that allows you to choose the number of mails you wana send or to make a continus mailing.

For the moment you can't pass by a proxy so people can see your ip address if you don't use an anonymous smtp server but you'll be able to use proxys with Dolly-Mail in a next version. Dolly-Mail works now on MacosX with the carbon version.

Features to come in next versions:
•Possibility to send a mail to more to severeal persons.
•Possibility to pass by a proxy.
•Possibility to send files.
•Possibility to receive your mails with a flood protection.
  7.02.2k1 E-Mail
Sub7ME p2classic - carbon new Sub7ME preview 2 is the Macintosh Edition of the popular Windows trojan/tool SubSeven. This is only the client, so Mac users can control infected computers. If you want to infect someone with this file you must send them the server all setup. If you are on a Mac you can use a PC emulator to set it up then send it to them. Once they open you will be able to remotely control their computer. Try scanning your ISP on the Sub7 port to see if any users are infected, then try to connect and control (; This product has been created by the people @ Team2600   05.15.2k1 hacking
PRESS RELEASE: FMA 05.14.2001 new
SECUREMAC.com/Freaks Mac Archives Situation

On May 14th the creator of Freaks Macintosh Archives (http://freaky.staticusers.net/) and SecureMac.com (http://www.securemac.com) was notified that the current hosting provider NetNevada.net would no longer be hosting their websites after.

Freaks Macintosh Archives has been serving the Macintosh community for over the past 3 years giving constant updates and new files dealing with security issues for the MacOS. SecureMac.com, started in 1999 has delivered unsurpassed security advisories, news, and reviews of security programs on a daily basis.

At this current date there has not been a new hosting provider selected. The team who created these sites are seeking any helps, suggestions, or anyone who could co-locate or host their websites. Please contact macsec@securemac.com if felt that you may help or contribute in any way.
  5.14.2k1 PRESS RELEASE
Sub7ME classic - carbon new Sub7ME is the Macintosh Edition of the popular Windows trojan/tool SubSeven. This is only the client, so Mac users can control infected computers. If you want to infect someone with this file you must send them the server all setup. If you are on a Mac you can use a PC emulator to set it up then send it to them. Once they open you will be able to remotely control their computer. Try scanning your ISP on the Sub7 port to see if any users are infected, then try to connect and control (; This product has been created by the people @ Team2600   05.03.2k1 hacking
Malevolence new
Malevolence created by Marukka Der Inhaber. This Mac OS X program allows the user to dump the encrypted passwords from Mac OS X into a text file. Normally you have to be root or be a administrator in order to do this. What Malevolence does however is that it allows a unprivileged user to do this. Once the passwords have been dumped than can either be put up against a dictionary brute force attack or a true brute force attack and can be cracked quickly since apple choose to use DES instead of a more secure algorithm such as MD5 or BlowFish.
  4.23.2k1 Mac OS X
Luna 1.3d new Do you have banners on your site, do you run a banner server. This application might be for you, it takes a list of wingates and you specify the link you wish for it to click and it runs through them all sending traffic from the proxy's IP address. Many people use this to get extra cash from banner affiliate programs. I do not use this because I don't have those type of banners to click. Be careful your affiliate banner account just might be terminated for cheating. Use at your own risk.   04.23.2k1 hacking
Hole in Timbuktu OS X version! new Hole in OS X version of Timbuktu makes it possible to gain full access without being logged in.   04.19.2k1 hole
Hackinthebox.org new
For the past few years I have sent everyone over to HackerNews.com (Hacker News Network) but that site changed and went down when l0pht merged with @steak and SpaceRouge left the HackerNews project. Dont get me wrong, SpaceRouge did a hell of a job there spending his days and nights doing that site. Just incase you didnt know SpaceRouge was the same dood that made the Whacked Mac Archives website (which i believe is now down).. So I've been watching out for other hacker news type sites and stumbled upon the site Hackinthebox.org - has hacker style news that isnt so media agended. check it out let me know how you like it. - freak
  3.13.2k1 link
MacNetBus Final new
This is a MacOS version of the PC client that will let you control NetBus compatible or *infected* computers. NetBus was originally described as a trojan horse later reconsidered as a legit shareware application. This is only the client to control the server remotely. enjoy (;
  3.13.2k1 remote
BO4Mac new This is a MacOS compatible client to the PC remote administration (commonly considered a trojan) software BackOrifice   03.13.2k1 remote
GateChecker 4.5b new
This file will let you check a list of wingates or proxies to see if they are up. Now you can download lists from sites like team2600 and check them for quick uptime. Download it now.
  3.12.2k1 proxy
Diablo2 Gambling Sniffer new See what the other people are taking about. I'm not much of a Diablo person but this is supposed to be a HoT file!   03.12.2k1 gaming
Cerial Client Lite 1.1 new
Want to transfer files? This program is kind of link napster where you can share files, but it only lets you have access to specified servers. Try it.
  3.12.2k1 internet
X6Exploit new X6 Takes advantage of a bug in Xwindows. Its a simple dos/bufferoverflow that creates alot of lagging for the user. This is done by opening many connections to port 6000 (30,000 connections, to be exact). Its simple to use: enter in the ip of the box running Xwindows/server, and hit Xploit. It will determine if the ip is vulnerable to the attack, and if so, it will continue to exploit it.   03.09.2k1 auditing
MacDiary Password new
Want to read someones MacDiary? This program will help you bypass the point where it asks you for the password. MacDiary is a shareware app that can be found on versiontracker.com
  3.09.2k1 security
MasterKey new MasterKey is a password recovery tool for Excel. Enjoy   03.09.2k1 Cracking
Burn DreamCast Games from Mac new
We've added a new section to our site which we will work further on. BURNING Games for the Mac. Above is documents and files to burn dreamcast games for your MacOS.
  3.09.2k1 burning
ProxyBouncer 3.0 new Proxy Bouncer is an application that allows you to connect to multiple SOCKS 4 servers, even if the appliction doesn't have socks support built in. So basically this allows you to SOCKS support to an application that doesn't, or it allows you to connect to one SOCKS Server after another before connecting to another server   03.01.2k1 Proxy
Hackintosh CD-ROM International Sales! new
Freaks Macintosh Archives CD-ROM is now avialable for purchase almost anywhere in the world. Check out the link above to order. S&H is less than 4.00 anywhere! FIRST 20 INTERNATIONAL ORDERS GET FREE GIRT with CD-ROM. Get Freaks Macintosh Archives CD, full of everything hacking and security for the MacOS. All your favorite apps in one place, on a professionaly made cd-rom with jewel case and cover. Includes the Defcon (www.defcon.org) 7 Macintosh Security Speech in .mp3 and .real video format!!!
  12.08.2k BUY BUY!@
t2600 OpenSource new From Team2600's website: 'By downloading you agree to the following terms.. you will only use this source for educational and NON PROFIT purposes. You may not include any code in any software WITHOUT contacting us and/or give us credits (with URL) in your software. Please do not release this code as your own, it's just uberlame and gives you zero respect at all. The sorce is as it is and we will provide no help or support for these files. If you fuck up during any use of these files we are not to blame.'

Profane Source
Oyabun Source
Multiport Connect Source
TrafficLog Source

More from Team2600: Welcome in.. it's open! We have just started this project after a massive response from our users. Here we will release many of the source codes for many of our products.

We do this because we hope it will strengthen the Mac underground society which needs good programmers. Use the forum to discuss programming related questions to these files.

  12.08.2k Misc/Programming
Cerial Client Lite new
Rottensoft has put out a brand new fully re-built Cereal Client complete with a few of new features, Although alot of the old features will be dropped it should still be the best Version ever. Lite Edition has been Released
  12.08.2k Internet
Luna 1.3 new Rottensoft has put out a Re-release of the popular banner clicking program (Clicks your banners by going through a list of proxy's)   12.08.2k Internet
Obelisk Port Scanner new
This is a portscanner created by Comm-G, crew obelisk
  12.08.2k Internet
Surfers Serial December 12.2k new Surfers Serial is a database application that contains registration numbers for programs. In many cases using this file to register software you did not pay for is illegal. Because of legal threats this file is not hosted on our servers. Do not download or use the serial numbers unless you have paid for the programs and the serial number listed is the number that was assigned to you originally.   12.08.2k Serial Number
Caem 3.5 new One of the most downloaded files from VersionTracker.com!
One of the most creative GUI
One of the best ways to send a more Secure E-Mail!
Logiks CAEM 3.5 is out! Tell a Friend!
  12.01.2k E-Mail
Oyabun Tools 2 new Oyabun Tools 2 lets you remote shutdown/restart/sleep another macin tosh over any TCP/IP based network. It also lets you close PPP connection and cancel remote control.

Define as many users you want, and give them individual privileges as well as individual login and password.

If your server lags, simply restart if from all around the world! Simple yet powerfull! Even Includes the source code.
  11.30.2k Security/Internet
Profane new
Profane is a tool for Hotline. Profane will let you view private chats, do ping attacks on Hotline Servers and much more
  11.30.2k Hotline
Bomba 2.3 new Bomba is a new mailbomber which connects to several mailservers and wingates to make the bombing faster and more anonymous.   11.30.2k E-Mail Bomb
PhoneSpy new
New Version! now it records all your telephone conversations!!!!!
  11.21.2k Phreaking
PortInspector2b1 new
With port inspector, you can scan for open ports on remote computers over a tcp/ip network. It will scan for all ports, a selected range or the selected ports. It will show you what are the headers sended my the open ports. It will also test the specified protocol on the specified port
  11.7.2k Network
Flooder 3.1.1 PPC 68k new This is a flooder, with some special features, like the flood through wingate (you can flood through 4 wingates!) and the capacity to flood any amount that you may choose.   11.7.2k Attack
Bomba 2.2 new
New version, quicker and more features. Bomba is a new mailbomber which connects to several mailservers and wingates to make the bombing faster and more anonymous.
  11.2.2k mailbombing
WingateCentral new This app checks the delay's of the your wingates.   11.1.2k Network
Surfers Serials new We tried to refrain from posting the new Surfers Serials, and hoped everyone found the new site to download it from. Apparently not. So this is the new version of Surfers Serials. Check for updates. Not hosted on our site.   10.23.2k Serial Numbers
SaltMine Serial Reader new
Application to read those serial number databases. Expected OSX release w/ next issue of Surfers Serials.
  10.56.2k Serial Numbers
STRIPPoker & BlackJack (XXX) new I'm from Las Vegas, NV so gambling has to be a part of my life. Now you can download Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack. Play both of these games to enhance your playing skills. Plus you get the bonus of cute girls stripping as you win.   10.16.2k XXX
California Girls (XXX) new See the wonderful california girls Displayed on your screen. For everyone from Oregon to Japan, this is the program for you. It is adult software.   10.11.2k XXX
Kiss (XXX) new
Kiss is a R-Rated Application. Well its a Pinup program. You dress anime girls or undress them. There are lot of charectors to download from the web. We included 3 of them. I know all of you are going to dress the dolls rather then undress them.
  10.06.2k xxx
Odigo for Macintosh new Macinstein's Odigo Instant Messenger is an instant messenger that breaks the normal barriers, interfacing with ICQ users, finding people by interest based on their voluntary profile, and finding where other Mac people are that are using Odigo. Macinstein's Odigo messenger comes equipped with a people finder and friends list, but it's most unique capability is seeing other Odigo users viewing the same web site you are. Whether you see other Odigo users on Macinstein, or another like Mac site, you can chat about a story that site has posted, or share about other cool parts of the site. The best part is, with more and more Mac users, by using Macinstein's Odigo messenger on Mac sites, you will find many people with the same underlying interest as you, the Mac.   10.02.2k Internet
Onyx (XXX) new
Onyx is a game of sexual exploration designed for two to six consenting adults. Players are asked to perform all kinds of intimate actions, from mild to kinky. As the game progresses, so does the action! Play with people you are intimate with--or want to be.
  9.28.2k xxx
TobiSaver new Screensaver for your mac to display Tobi on your screen. XXX. Please Sign-Up and confirm your teen-Mail submission before downloading.   09.28.2k XXX
Password Void new
This is a program which lets you pull and post usernames and passwords for hotline servers. Next version would be cool if it had a export button to make them bookmarks. Nice lists so far, different catagories. must check it if your into hotline
  9.24.2k hotline
Bomba 2.0 new
Bomba is a new mailbomber which connects to several mailservers and wingates to make the bombing faster and more anonymous.
  9.24.2k mailbombing
PhoneSpy new this applications just lets you ear the conversation on your fone line without anyone notice   09.14.2k phreaking
pr0nteris new
pr0nteris is a little r-rated game created by nocturnity. The game is Tetris. To download goto the link above and signup for the TEEN-MAIL then go in the xxx dir and download. =)
  09.13.2k XXX
BuggedScript new
this is another ircle script, i've writen it a long time ago but never released it. it haslots of cmds, some "war" cmds and some ascii art, etc. check it!
  09.15.2k cracking
CrackIt 2 new
Cracking commercial software is considered to be a computer-crime. That is why CrackIt was developed. It is a simple application with the sole purpose of allowing people to practice their cracking skills (that is the skill of finding the registration number of a program).

It offers five different registration schemes, similar to those used by commercial software. The idea is then to try to crack these schemes. The different schemes are of different complexity. RegType 1 being the easiest and RegType 5 being the hardest to crack.

The beauty of it all is that it's completely legal to crack the different schemes. You have our consent to do so (read "Copyright Note" for more information)! by Prozaq
  09.13.2k cracking
SpoonToons (XXX) HOT
SpoonToons is a XXX Application. Before you download! follow the link above, I ask if your interested in the game you fill out the TEEN-MAIL program, it makes me some money and you get free porn, if you dont like it unsubscribe later. This is one of our biggest files 9 megs. So many people download. So Fill in your E-Mail address at this link then continue to download. You will get a confirmation E-Mail please confirm it(that is the part we make money at). This program is neeto, you can download extra girls to play with. Check it out.
  09.13.2k XXX
PassSecGen 1.0 new An Emergency Password Generator for the Password Security control panel

The Password Security Control Panel can be used by PowerBook users to protect their computers. Providing a dialogbox requiring a password every time the Hard Drive is mounted, Password Security provides a convenient security measure.

As pointed out by us in a previous advisory on Password Security, it generates an emergency password every time it displays the password dialogbox. This emergency password gives the same access level to the laptop as the owner's password. This is of course a huge security breach allowing anyone, who can figure out the emergency password, to access the computer and even change the owner's password. Created by Prozaq.
  09.12.2k security
nOguard 2.0 new
Created by Prozaq. Several security programs use emergency passwords. These are passwords generated by the program in case the admin forgets his password. They usually give the user complete access to a computer.

In theory you'll need all sorts of software registration information for the company to give away the emergency password. In reality you only need to find the algorithm used to be able to generate the emergency password.

nOGuard 2.0 is a program that generates emergency passwords for OnGuard 3.1 and 3.3.
  09.12.2k security
Bomba new Bomba is a new mailbomber which connects to several mailservers and wingates to make the bombing faster and more anonymous. Still in beta release.   09.10.2k mailbombing
GrouchySmurf 1.0 DOWNLOAD NOW HOT
This is the public first application to send spoofed broadcast packets.
  09.05.2k Denial of Service/Internet
alt.hackintosh new
We thought we would give this site of the week a review. First off the site is www.hackintosh.co.uk this is the home of the alt.hackintosh faq file. alt.hackintosh is a news group. If you would like to know about newsgroups get a newsgroup reader from www.versiontracker.com then contact your isp for the newsgroup settings. Read the faq file before you think about posting in the alt.hackintosh newsgroup. There is a lot of junk posted there, but a lot of useful discussion. Figure out what your doing first, dont ask the people in the newsgroup how to use your newsbrowser. Dont ask for serial numbers, first check surfers serials. watch it for a while see how it works and flows. your isp may not allow the newsgroup alt.hackintosh so you can view newsgroups from DejaNews.com. Goto this site of the week and read the alt.hackintosh faq, understand it. and enjoy.
  09.05.2k Site of Week
Connect the Pretties new Connect the Pretties is an industrial porn game. 'This is my first project. I hope you like it. If you wish to make comments about the game you can send your comments to jds@inetarena.com. This game is completly free and I make no warrenties on it. You are free to distribute or change anything about this game. If you make changes to I would like to see what you did. I know there are a few things I would change about it already.'   09.05.2k xxx
PortMaster 4.0 new
Team2600 has released a nice port utility application with many other features such as telnet & filetransfer, portlookup, portsearch and Wingate scanners. This is one of our most downloaded products.
  08.29.2k Internet
Logiks Forums new
Logik has taken his programming up a step. He setup forums on his site to discuss the programs he has created, throw around new ideas and report bug problems. Neato Design, Easy to use. Check it out, give him some feedback on his new applications.
  08.11.2k Review
Silo 1.0.268k - PPC new Created By Logik! a remote system analysis tool designed for security and administrative evaluational purposes. it features full documentation, remote concept passwd and file structure generation, network mapping, os fingerprinting, and remote system, client, administrative, domain, protocol and network analysis and monitoring.   08/04/2k Internet
Caem 3.0 new
Logik has outdone himself again. His artistic programming takes mac programming to a new level. Caem 3.0 is the perfect example of this. completely anonymous email, exploits a bug in the identity sub protocols of pre version 8.9 sendmail simple mail transfer protocol daemon implementations, allowing for server side identification header retractment.
  08.11.2k Review
Freaks Mac Archives CD for sale! new Its professionally made! includes the origional whacked mac archives and the defcon 7 mac security speech! Click the link to get ordering instructions! ORDER NOW! FINISHED   08.04.2k Link
Surfers Serials August new
Database application with application registration codes. This may be illegal in your country, do not register something you have not allready paid for. This link is not hosted on our server.
  August 2k link
MultiPort Connect 1.0 new Created by Team2600, Multi Port Connect lets you connect to up to 20 ports at the same time. If you are having problems with many connections, try increasing the app memory.   08/04/2k Internet
News new
Freaks Mac Archives has been online for over 2 years now. We'd like to thank all the programmers out there who have helped the macintosh underground community grow. And thank you to everyone who has supported FMA, who has sent us mail saying thanks. If you havnt allready join the mailing list for the most current updates. More programs on the way. See what has changed in the past 2 years, click on previous updates and keep on clicking previous page =)
  August 2k Just News
Sound UnJammer new Created by Demagogue - SoundJam MP contains 15 valid serial numbers in the data fork of the application. Sound UnJammer lets them be free to fulfill their manifest destiny. (from freaky: seems kinda dumb to store extra serial numbers within the application)   08/04/2k Serial Numbers
MacPork 3.0 PPC new Created by Team2600 : MacPork is a small program that allow you to scan a server for tracking holes and exploiting them. MacPork scans over 271 vulnerabilities and retrieve passwd/informations in 175 differents manners. MacPork has been conceived to find 177 trojans installed on differents servers. MacPork including an intelligent SearchEngine who can find eventuals exploitables servers in two secs. MacPork knows 66 ways to overflow a system and 86 holes in UNIX protocols (Ftp, Smtp, NetBios, Finger, Rservices and RPC) . If you are a lazy man, you can launch simultaneous 30 scans and go to bedƒfew hours after, you will have a detailled log. MacPork runs in background, you can do everything else during a scan, a "!" in a little window will prevent you if MacPork found something - reported yesterday this item contained a virus. the archive is clean.   06/20/2k Internet
Fallout 68k PPC new
Fallout is a denial of service suite designed to test systems to determine whether or not they are vulnerable to basic denial of service attacks.
  06.16.2k DoS
Silo by Logik 68k - PPC new Created by Logik, silo is a remote system analysis tool designed for security and administrative evaluational purposes. includes full documentation.   05/30/2k Internet
ScallopedPron new
Program similer to MacMans Diety. Mac Application to quickly view porn without the web and banners. Do not download if you are under 18.
  05.14.2k xxx
Duh Duh