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Some of the files are are exploits ports from UNIX while others are simply must-have utilties if you want to survive on the Internet.

AppleShare IP Havok 1.0b. Will crash any computer running Appleshare IP Mail Server.

PortMaster 2 A port utility with other functions made by team2600

BounceBar Spoofer 2.0 FAT. The only thing close to an IP spoofer than we poor Mac users have. Exploits Wingates (1.2 and before) to spoof your IP on e-mail, IRC, and several other protocols.

EIMS Thrash 1.0b. Causes hangs and eventually crashes on any computer running Eudora Internet Mail Server 1.2, 2.0, and 2.0.1.

Hotline God Tools 3.0.1. Will reset and cause various havok to pre-1.2.3 Hotline servers.

MacPuke. Great port of puke.c by Team 2600.

MeltDown98. Early beta of a war program from Team 2600.

MircNewk. Will crash older versions of Mirc. Perhaps a Hanson port?

Personal Websnaring 1.0b. Little program will crash any computer running Apple's Personal Websharing (shipped with OS8).

TPortsFlood 1.0. Will flood any specified port with TCP packet data.

WarPack. Collection of various DoS applications from Team2600.

xCGI 2.5. GREAT program that will look for, and exploit, CGI bugs and a few other holes in web servers. You would be amazed at the number of servers still vulnerable...

IP Tools + Utilities
PortMaster 3 Team2600 did release PortMaster 3. You can download from above, and read the Review HereThis is a review over Team2600's upcoming PortMaster 3. Including screenshots and features.

Keep Me Online a tool supposed to keep your connection alive with your isp. most isps hate this, and will talk to you if your online for too long. Use only for emergencies!

AGNetTools 1.0. From the AG Group (the makers of OTTool) comes a better version of OTTool. Does all the things you would expect from an IP Tool. DNS lookups, finger, you name it, this program will do it.

Free Static IP Toolkit. This will turn your dynamic IP address into a static one for a www site, etc. Not compatable with Open Transport.

HyperPingOT PPC. A utility for sending pings.

ICMP Logger. Logs who is sending you pings, how large the pings are, and a few other things.

IP Name Tool. Does DNS queries and IP traces.

IPNetMonitor 2.0 68k and PPC A set of nine tools designed to find problems in your network. They include, Test Connectivity (Ping), Trace Route, Name Server Lookup, WhoIs, Finger, Monitor, TCP Info, Address Scan, and Subnet Calculator.

OTTool 1.0 A small, slick IP Tool from Neon.

Whatroute 1.5.0b14 FAT. This program is so cool. It will not only trace an IP, but you can see where that IP is located on the built in map!

Internet Tools
WinGoat 1.1 one of the fastest WinGate scanners for Macs and PC's ..WinGoat 1.1

GetMyAddress. Quick utility to return your IP address.

Httpver 1.1. An excellent port of httpver.c from Logik - Everyone's favorite web exploit guy. Gets server information by sending requests through the httpd daemon and parsing the incoming headers.

IRC Scripts and Clients
Because IRC scripts are scripts I will only comment on some of these

BotKill.sit.hqx    Supposed to kill eggdrop bots
ChannelTakeoverKit.si..    Tools for takeovers
Demobot.sit.hqx    A IRC clients
Irate.sit.hqx    A script by IRATE, i was once in #irate
MacBitchX-PPC-r18.sit..    BitchX for Macs
MacBitchX_source-r17...    BitchX source code for the mac
MacIRC_68K.sit.hqx    68k version: IRC client
MacIRC_PPC.sit.hqx    PPC version: IRC clients
QwertyBot.sit.hqx    Bot,Clients made by DrQwerty
Raidv1.0.sit.hqx    Scripts made by www.raidsoft.com
ShadowBot1.0b8.sit.hqx    IRC Client/Bot
StealthBot1.5HellCube..    IRC Client/Bot

IPNetRouter 1.3c5 68k and PPC. Great set of router software you can use for a small network. One application would be to network your entire home to one cable modem, etc.

WinGate Power Router 1.0 by WeeDo released download from us or them | Read
MacPing. A nice, small pinger that you can use to test the speeds of servers, among other things.

Mac TCP Tracer. For use with MacTCP Watcher, this will try and trace where packets are coming from.

Port Master 1.1 Fat A Port lookup utility, which can connect to the desired ports.

PortSniffer 1.0 A nice PortScanner, take a look!

MacTCP Watcher 2.0. Dumps the TCP packets from and to your modem in real time to a log file. For use with the old MacTCP. Use OT Session Watcher for OT-based systems.

NetCalculator. Utility to calculate Ip addresses to and from hexadecimal. Also converts Appletalk addresses.

NetReport. Logs each time the modem connection is opened for an Internet session.

NukeScanner. Logs any attempted connections to port 139 (the Winnuke port).

PortFake 1.5. Opens up fake ports on your machine to confuse those who wish to scan your computer.

PortSurge 1.0. Sends a bunch of data to an open port on a remote machine.

Serial of Champions 1.1. Allows you to view all traffic entering and leaving your serial port. Probably the only true sniffer available for the Macintosh.

OT Advanced Tuner. Allows you to set what OT will do when confronted by certain situations.

OTSessionWatcher 1.0.1. Dumps the TCP packets from and to your modem in real time to a text file. Replaces the old "StreamWatcher". For use with OT-based systems. Use MacTCP Watcher for use with classic networking.

Stream Text Converter. Converts OT streams into decimal format that can be used by REALBasic, a very good BASIC compiler.

DoS and Flooders
Flush 2.5 Flush will subscribe your victim to dozens of mailinglists. Version 2.5 adds EVEN more mailinglists than were previously in 1.0 & 2.0 and has support for untracable mailbombing. Flush 2.5 is also faster than the 2.0 version.

Butttrumpet 1.2r3. New Version! Allows you to crash unregistered users of Winsock Trumpet.

Holyfield 1.0 Sends multiple requests to a www server.

Mac Winnuke FAT. This is supposed to crash Windows machines remotely. Some people say this works, others have problems. Try it and see.

Nuke 'Em. The same as Mac Winnuke, but with a better interface.

Ping of Death. Supposed to take advantage of the now-outdated Ping of Death attack.

Pounder II. This will make multiple hits on on web site to test it's integrity.

Trumpet Test Tool 1.5b1. Great for finding weaknesses in a PC. You can test for all kinds of weaknesses remotely and then try to exploit them.

Winnuke Pro 1.1.1 FAT. Everyone's favorite Windows nuker.

Bombtrack 2.0 PPC or 68k. BombTrack was the only thing us Mac users could ever call a mailbomber. Doesn't work very well anymore...I keep trying to find a new one!

Caem1.5.1. (Completely Anonymous E-Mail). GREAT new program from Logik, maker of xCGI. Exploits a little hole in the HELO command to write over e-mail headers, thus making the e-mail untraceable. New loop function.

ChainMail 0.7. Sends encrypted e-mail using chains...Very unbreakable.

EmailBlaster. Sends an e-mail message to multiple addresses.

Flamethrower. Great program, but it really doesn't work as well as it used to. It is supposed to be a mailbomber.

MailBomb. An AppleScript that will mailbomb a victim. Not compatable with OT.

NailMail 1.0. Super fast mailbomber from Team2600. I did this same thing a long time ago, but mine was really buggy...hehe.

LIE's IRC FloodBot PPC A flood bot for irc users by paradoxed

TCP ReRoute 1.3dv4 Program that will reroute connections to you on a specific port to another server

NetHell 1.0. A collection of scripts for Ircle and a mass mailer for Eudora.

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