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Macintosh Archive News and Updates

How long has Freaks Mac Archives been online? Wow we have brought the hackintosh community a lot of new files. We have a hotline @ This Link also keep posting to our message board.
Archives Update Issue 5 HERE (last more current)
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Nucleo 1.1.3 new Nucleo is a Very fast MailBomber with e-mail attachment support for a high level of mailbombing. This application runs on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. The program is developed by Delete of DigitalCalamity.   01.02.2k4 Mailbombing
Ordine new
Ordine is a Mac OS X port scanner with a classy GUI created by Delete of DigitalCalamity
 01.02.2k4 Portscanner
phreakOut new
Carbona's PhreakOut is a Mac OS X program for phreakers that contains: Red box tones, Blue box tones, Green box tones and beige box tones it also has an auto dialer built in. I created this because of the lack of OS X phreaking software most of these tones will not work on newer payphones.
 07.18.2k3 Phreaking
MacStumbler 0.75b new korben just released macstumbler 0.75b with full GPS support so you can now use the program to detect and identify wireless networks but also use it with a gps device (he has instructions on his site) to go wardriving. Actually map the wireless points!! This is a Mac OS X application and I for one participate in the Worldwide WarDrives, now the rest of the Mac users can too! Grab yourself MacStumbler   07.17.2k3 Wireless
Mac OS X World new Mac OS X is the Mac Hackers OS of choice. You get the greatness of the Mac with the mix of the UNIX. Mac OS X users can now work in a UNIX world. We're seeing so many UNIX security/hack apps ported to Mac OS X. We're adding many new titles and programs for Mac OS X use.

I've been working with many people in preparing FMA 2.0 website for launch. It's been a while but the site is almost completed, the design the functions and all.

There have been a few new mac hack groups coming together. TeamHandicap is growing strong, we're sure to see a plethora of new programs which you will find here. :D
  06.30.2k3 Mac OS X Hacks
Where's My SOCKS new Team Handicap's Ravin Nocturnity has announced his group, and also his newest application 'Where's My SOCKS' -- a program that scans custom ranges of IP addresses for SOCKS servers running on port 1080 with full verification to prove it is truly a SOCKS server. Scanning can also be done through a SOCKS server when using this application.

SOCKs servers are used as proxies, or a destination to bounce your traffic off of so the host your connecting to does NOT see your physical address instead sees the SOCKs server IP address.
  01.26.2k3 Network/Proxy
RTFMFM T-Shirt new
How many times have you had people ask you questions that they shouldn't ask? The questions that are in the manual and your responce is RTFM well now as a techie person you can wear a RTFMFM T-Shirt ... click the site for explanation of 'RTFMFM' as displayed on this nice black t-shirt (: A favorite of Mine!
  1.16.03 Link
AFPBrute 1.0 new
Doss' AFPBrute is a brute-force password cracker for OS X's Personal File Sharing. AFPBrute is an application that uses UN*X commands that are built into OS X. The passwords are taken from a wordlist (like normal password crackers) However, at the time of this release, AFPBrute only works against other computers running OS X that have their "Home" folders stored in the /Users Directory. Don't bother trying to attack a computer running Classic... because as of this release this option isn't available (Doss says 'Don't worry! I'm constantly working on this app to improve it!') There is one major issue that I need to address... Since it uses certain UN*X commands, performance at times can be sluggish, speed usually depends on the "victim's" processor speed and the internet connection on both ends. (I seem to recall the Jaguar 10.2.2 update was supposed to help with the AFP Load)
  12.17.2k2 Mac OS X
MacScan FAT | Mac OS X new
SecureMac's MacScan will detect, isolate, and remove spyware programs from your Macintosh. After you're done testing the keystroke loggers and trojan horses or you feel someone may be watching you simply launch MacScan to detect spyware on your Macintosh. Will run on Classic (68k/PPC) and Mac OS X.
  12.13.2k2 Security
Team2600 - Ended new This morning i received a e-mail from Cybertosh advising me of this news. Team2600 is officially done with - the end. No more. They have been offering the Macintosh underground community news and programs since 1996 - Id like to personally thank the group leaders and members for creating the creations you did and also the effort you did keeping the Macintosh underground alive. My best regards to Cybertosh & Sixtime as well as the members of t2600.   11.21.2k2 Underground News
Kevin Mitnick's Book new Kevin Mitnick is free from prison, he has been for a while. The hacker community has seen the injustice the court system has held him through for the past four years. But he's not sour about it, hes happy to be out - and for those who have been following his trials and past you have a chance to meet him as he goes around the country doing book signings. I made it out to the San Diego, CA book signing and was thrilled to hear him talk about his book, his past and his current life.. Grab a copy of the book Art of Deception, its well written and has many ideas for everyone to educate off of. cover

His book titled 'The Art of Deception' isn't about his life story - This book is a must for those who think theyre a hacker or security administrator or just one who knows everything. As the title states, it covers the art of deception, below is a except from the publishers site;

Inviting you into the complex mind of the hacker, Mitnick provides realistic scenarios of cons, swindles, and social engineering attacks on businesses-and the consequences. Focusing on the human factors involved with information security, Mitnick explains why all the firewalls and encryption protocols in the world will never be enough to stop a savvy grifter intent on rifling a corporate database or an irate employee determined to crash a system. He illustrates just how susceptible even the most locked-down information systems are to a slick con artist impersonating an IRS agent or any other seemingly innocent character. Narrated from the points of view of both the attacker and the victim, The Art of Deception explores why each attack was so successful and how it could have been averted in an engaging and highly readable manner reminiscent of a true-crime novel.

Search you bookstore for it, use your gift certificates on it, or grab it @ amazon.com.

The first chapter which was cut from his book has surfaced on the Internet which is about his life - the Kevin story. Want a link to it?
  11.20.2k2 Current Events
Caem 4.0.4non-carbon | Mac OS X version new
Logik's application Caem is at version 4.0.4, if you download it and want to leave kind words and a rating on versiontracker follow these two links, the ones above directly download it. Caem is a anonymous email program, which has been in development and production for many years. Leave feedback for Mac OS X Caem or Non-Mac OS X Caem for systems before 9
  07.23.2k2 E-Mail
iTools Gone .Mad! new iTools is now known as .Mac there are a few important things to note, first off if you were a iTools member your account has changed to a 60 day trial of the .Mac 100.00/year service - after that point yer .Shit out of Luck and lost yer stuff. Now is your time to move your .site and .email to another host provider unless you want to shell out 100.00

For those who think .Mac is a solution for you it may be - It comes with 100 megs of hard disk space, the email and a few extras such as Anti-Virus software and a backup utility. If you already have antivirus like all mac hackers should then i dont see it working for you. The virus program bundled with the service is Virex by McAfee. Let me know your thoughts - Freaky
  07.17.2k2 Apple
Proxy Bouncer 4 Carbon new Team2600's Proxy Bouncer 4 is much faster than prior versions. Download this new program now. Connect to proxies for all your Internet Apps   06.13.2k2 Network/Proxy
Spic & Spam v2.6 Classic Carbon new
v2.5 incorporates a few new concepts: general spamming, HTML-enriched e-mail bodies

Previous incarnations have only allowed you to spam with a userlist and a supplied e-mail host. Now you have the option of spamming the original way, plus using a list of full e-mail addresses.

WHAT'S TO COME IN THE NEXT RELEASE: A "gatherer" for the likes of Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. that does searches for live e-mail addresses on any or all free web-based e-mail services. Can either specify to search via a specific keyword, or randomly generated name searches.
  05.23.2k1 email
Macintosh Underground Forums 2.0 new The Macintosh Underground Forum Needs your help! Upgraded to version 2.0 and killing most all the threads we need you Mac users to post! Check it out, link to it from your sites and tell a friend.   05.23.2k2 Forums
CellPhoneHacks new
This is a site devoted to cellular phone hacks, if you have a cellphone and are interested in some secrets, modding or data cable information this site has it, post your messages about cellular phone hacks there!
  05.23.2k2 Link
ATT Blitz 2002 v2.0.1 Classic Carbon Win32 new
ATT Blitz utilizes the mobile messenger websites of 6 cellular providers to send a user-defined number of bogus messages to the target's phone. Messages to targets have IPs, so this app has SOCKS v4/v5 support. NEW IN THIS RELEASE: Bug Fixes and enhancements to e-mail functions to include working around determining which "hello" command to send to a mail server.
-Mancow claims responsibility for this evil application
-Carbon or Classic PPC
-Some minor bug fixes
-Single Socket Or Multisocket
-Customizable message (but not the subject or from fields, since not always applicable)
-Now capable of attacking these phones:
*Sprint PCS
  5.23.2k2 Cellular/Attack
Vulnerability in Multiple Microsoft Products for Mac OS new
There is a vulnerability in multiple Microsoft products on Mac OS. The problem lies in the handling of a lengthy subdirectory in the file:// directive, such as file:///AAAAAA[...] or file://A/A/A/A/[...]. The number of subdirectories is trivial as long as there is at least one.
  4.16.2k2 exploit
Book - F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-Com... new
The website FuckedCompany has been a favorite of mine, I visit it daily, The author of the site just released a book called F'd Companies - For all you computer people this is a must have book, its all about .Com's which have really been F'd! So many companies spent millions on needless items making it so the payroll couldn't but cut. This should be your Next book report! Im serious. This is a link to the book, in turn if you buy it we get a few bucks to help with the hosting!
  4.12.2k2 Book about Fucked .com's
CAEM 4.0.2 OS X or Carbon new Caem 4 OS X AND CARBON is Logik's new creation stands for completely anonymous email, and is the most powerful anonymous email tool available for macintosh. it offers advanced anonymity techniques that completely remove any identification headers that could point back to the sender, which means you can send secure, completely anonymous email without having to worry about the mail beng traced back.

New Features:
improvements to auto-headers.
runs on os 9 with carbonlib.
bug fixes.
builds for os x
smtpd list retreival and posting.
premium smtpd retrieval.
import and extraction of email addresses, emails, and smtpds.
much improved location and time zone support.
mailbox for sent mail.
improved looping, configureable.
auto generation of headers based on mail info
integrated version checking.
export of recipients, contacts, smtpds, and emails to text and html.
window menu.
drag and drop.
interface improvements.
overall speed enhancements.
much improved, fully functional file transfers.
bug fixes all over.
individual selection of cc or bcc for recipients.
more contextual menu support.
ability to add custom headers.
a lot more.

Logik's Webpage - View Screenshot and yes, the classic version is coming soon!
  4.09.2k2 E-Mail
StreamEdit 1.0b2 new
StreamEdit is a utility that allows you to modify a TCP 'stream' or UDP datagrams. It does this by tunnelling the data through itself and then allow you to edit it arbitrarly or use real-time filters. Those filters support regular expressions and can modify the data or trigger actions. The main purpose of StreamEdit is security analysis, but it can serve many more. From protocol analysis to intrusion detection testing, possibilities are endless. Created by WeeDo (:

New this verison:
- The edit window now displays all characters using the VT100 font (thanks Mancow!).
- Important bug fixes with filter management : changes now reflect all active tunnels.
- Possibility to manage filters in 'offline' mode (so you dont have to create a tunnel to manage filters).
- No more using system fonts, so appearance is more stable.
- Many other small programming and interface glitches fixed ... overall stability improved.
  3.15.2k2 Network
Mac Hackers Workshop MHW new Macintosh Hackers Workshop (MhW) v. 1.1 is a hacking suite for the Macintosh that consists of four modules. It runs on MacOS 9.x and 10.x. It is mainly aimed at cracking (or auditing) Unix passwords but you can use it for other purposes.   02.25.2k2 Cracking
b00m-HXD 1.0b1 FAT | CARBON new
Deejayicet on ground418 recently coded b00m-HXD - a hotline Denial of Service attack application which uses sock v4 to connect a lot of bots to the specified hotline server and perform many commands. 40 working proxy list to power b00m-HXD.

The bot crashed shxd simply bu using the /find . command with 40 bots. Other options include broadcast/msg spam, nick/icon change, chat flood.
  2.04.2k2 Hotline/attack
MacAnalysis 2.1 X (Mac OS X) new
MacAnalysis for Mac OS X is out adding many new features. Get this security auditing suite and find out if your computer is hackable, make sure the other computers on your network do not contain any holes other hackers could get to first! Download it now from the link above. (:
  1.07.2K2 Mac OS X Security
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