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Hotline Help Page - Freaks Macintosh Archives
Everyone has been asking me, "What is Hotline?" or "How Do I use it?" Those questions are straight for the readme file which comes with the client. I would like to announce a new hotline server. This is a Macintosh hacking/phreaking/security server. Check it out. Open up your hotline client and plug in eb0la.dhs.org as the domain name.

I have compiled this page with links, information and files that may make your Hotline experiance more enjoyable. At the bottom of the page you will see my choices for hotline servers and the ones i stay at. Hope to see you there sometime!

Where do I download Hotline?
There is a Mac version of hotline and a PC version, both atHotline LTD
If you dont have it allready go ahead and download it they have PPC and 68k versions. On Hotline's site you will need to fill out a little survey before you can download, i suspect you will fill it out honestly (:
hehe update, hotline version 1.5r is out you can get it from the website above or by clickhere to skip the questions
What are trackers?
If someone runs a server they place it on the "Tracker" so a user can connect to it without knowning the IP. Hundreds of servers will be listed on a tracker!

Where do I get a Uncencored tracker?
Press the connect button, from the pull down menu select "Eriks....." press connect you dont need anything for the login or password. READ THE NEWS on the server it lists all the trackers. The trackers contain anything and everything from pr0n to emulation to warez - kracks and hacks

I still dont understand Hotline
Now im a teaching person, but i will not teach anyone if they are not willing to learn, read and try things out. Hotline is pretty simple, its a GUI program - point and click. Try the program out before asking me questions.
If you still need help check out theUnnoficial Hotline FAQ SiteThis site has the [k]s for hotline i know you wont download them.
Hacks/Kracks Hotline Servers of the Freak Choice
Always wanted to know where i stay on hotline. Well here are some of the best servers.
Happle Communications -   Happle Comm
mSec - kitten.student.umd.edu or msec.net   mSec Mac Security
Illegal X -

HotDecrypt   68k  PPC  FAT  Decrypts the passwords stored in Hotline UserData files. Can also encrypt plain text using the same method hotline servers use to encrypt thier passwords. by stw