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DoS and Flooders

SLhell 1.0Exploits a bug in SLMail 3.1 causing it to crash (Buffer overflows)
ICQ_HP_Exploits 0.0d This is a Sample Release scans IP of c-class, and it can find the optional http-document of port80. supported ICQ exploits and many CGI exploits. thanks to nulle who created this.
Check out the screenshot

MagicKey 68k PPC AppleTalk Bruce force utilitie called Magic

p0rt Assult v1.0 This program will connect to a port and send data. Attack servers

Personal Web War v1.0 Apple Personal WebServer 8.5.1 d0s

Team2600's Sessions v1.0 send packets to UNIX machine' echo port, often causing buffer overflows or huge loss of network bandwidth.

Team2600's Flush v2.0 Mail bomber- more mailing lists! untracable

WinDrop v1.0 will drop internet connection via a MS bug on the ISP side: WinDrop

nail3d's BPS This is a must get, a security tool to scan servers for known exploits.

Caem 2.0 New Version of includes contacts, prefs, stabler, file transfer.

Port Thrash 2.0a1 port attacker/flooder that can use up to 7 sockets to cause some major damage. You choose the server, port, data to be dumped, and the number of sockets. This is an alpha2 release so it might crash sometimes and does not include the wingate option and the 50 socket array

There was a bug in Parasite Socket for OS8.x Get Parasite Socket 1.1
Microsoft Outlook DoS, Read the review and get ready to download!
Team2600's Sessions v1.0 send packets to UNIX machine' echo port, often causing buffer overflows or huge loss of network bandwidth
Butttrumpet 1.2r3. New Version! Allows you to crash unregistered users of Winsock Trumpet.

Nail Mail v1.0 The best and fastest mailbomber for the Macintosh.

Holyfield 1.0 Sends multiple requests to a www server.

Mac Winnuke FAT. This is supposed to crash Windows machines remotely. Some people say this works, others have problems. Try it and see.

Nuke 'Em. The same as Mac Winnuke, but with a better interface.

Ping of Death. Supposed to take advantage of the now-outdated Ping of Death attack.

Pounder II. This will make multiple hits on on web site to test it's integrity.

Trumpet Test Tool 1.5b1. Great for finding weaknesses in a PC. You can test for all kinds of weaknesses remotely and then try to exploit them.

Winnuke Pro 1.1.1 FAT. Everyone's favorite Windows nuker.

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