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Macintosh Security Programs

There are many macintosh security programs, we will work on this section with descriptions and sizes, most of these files are for login,shutdown, startup or hiding files/folders

Macintosh Archive News and Updates

Freaks Macintosh Archives is underground a new layout and style. If you have any questions or comments send them to Freaky Please take part in the new Macintosh Underground rc5 Cracking team If you feel we should review your program, or we should list it here contact Freaky We will be releasing a CD rom in the upcoming future and hope you take part in the CD Cover Contest Wondering where all of last months files are.. Check Here
n0 Guard 1.1b new
The perfect way of bypassing On Guard 3.0.1! Just like LockPickGenerator, it generates emergency passwords for On Guard. Created by ProZaq
  06/04/99 security
Password Protect Folders new
simple security app to password protect folders, will gather more specifics
  05/27/99 security
Lockout 1.3 update
LockOut is a Mac application that helps keep people from using your Mac while you're away.Helps keep your Mac safe from your co-workers while at the office, and from your kids while at home. ZDNET rated it 4 stars. Why dont they rate my site. God knows how many people come to it!
  05/17/99 security
System Coyboys' KeysOff 1.3 Hack new
Cowboy Corp's System Cowboy has released this program and documentation on how to hack Keys Off 1.3. Check it out most interesting and for the newest version
  05/14/99 security
HT-BROCHE 1.0b1  
the HT-BROCHE scans http proxy servers and finds an effective port. so you can have nice many proxy and access. thanks to nulle who created this. Check out the screenshot
  05/04/99 security
OneApp Secret Folder 68k  PPC new
everyone needs a way to hide their private files or folders, this is a good application to do so, password protected. Suggested is keep this application on a disk, so no one will even know your trying to hide anything. take a look. good application made by OneApp
  04/20/99 security
Network Security Guard 3.1 PPC scans an AppleTalk-based network and helps determine if there are any security risks to the network. It is helpful in deciding whether more stringent security procedures need to be implemented on your system.   04/09/99 security
BillBlocker 0.1a new
application to remove PID_GUID information from Microsoft Office files. The PID_GUID is a unique identifying code attached to each document made by an Office application. As this code includes information that can uniquely identify the author of a document, you may wish to delete it. By raingod
  03/12/99 Security
Shift Key Suite New
powerful additions for most password protection systems
  01/11/99 Security
nail3d's BPS New
This is a must get, a security tool to scan servers for known exploits.
  01/14/99 Security
Key Nabber Capture Key strokes
LastResort 1.1/a>
Peeping Tom v1.4
SuperSave v2.0.0
  Key Nabber/Stroke
Keys Off 1.3b5
Keys Off 1.3b5 is announced
  11/06/98 Security
Mac Excel 98 exploit
security bug allows any user to bypass hard disk security controls and write and overwrite HD files. Root compromise.
  12/04/98 Attack
MagicKey 1.0b68k  PPC Update
Apple Brute force Hacker by SystemCoyboy
  01/11/99 Security
Asaka a2 NEW Review
Who brings it to you first? Fucken download Asaka now!
  12/08/98 Security
BigSecretPasswordNabber new
Launch, press the 'open' button and you've got the password to BigSecret. Good to have in your 'Mobile Hack Pack' for those macs you come across. by stw
  04/06/99 Cracking
BigSecret4.0.sit.hqx    Big Secret encrypts files for protection

l0pht has released a advisory on FWB Hard Disk Tool Kit

MacBack Orifice. I have not tested this. Many of people are using it. Try it

BootCheck.sit.hqx    Will log boot times and information.

APGPSS (Advanced PGP Security System) was just released by WeeDo us or themRead
BootLogger.sit.hqx    Anther logger that will log when computer turns on and off.




DefenderforQCam.sit.hqx    Nice program if you have a quick cam, this program will record movement and or display alarm when it notices movement



Firewall.sit.hqx    Startup security

Ghost1.0.sit.hqx     Hide files and folders

HideFolders2.0.sit.hqx    Hide a folder







ParanoiaSecuritySyste..    Good login and security program for the macintosh








Macintosh Security Hacking

AtEaseHacker    Hack AtEase with Ease

AtPeace    Hack AtEase with Peace

CodeBreaker    is a utility for breaking codes

DisEase3.0    Yet another utility to bypass AtEase

Foolish    Bypass FoolProof security

Foolish1.5.    Bypass FoolProof Security

KillerCrackerv8    A password cracker

MacCrac    Crack Password lists

MacKrakPPC2.01b    Another utility to crack standard password files


RAWsFPPatches    Collection of FoolProof patches

WordListMaker1.6    Combine multiple dictionary's for cracking

bo121unix.tar.gz    This is BackOrifice client for unix 'not mac'

Macintosh Crypto

AlexsEncrypt1.0.1FAT...     This file uses simple encryption/decryption. Nice for quick security.

BELLEncrypt1.068k.sit    The 68k version of Bell Encryption from Bell Labs.

BELLEncrypt1.0PPC.sit..    The PPC version of Bell Encryption from Bell Labs.

Blowfish.sit.hqx    Blowfish is a standard encryption program, great for use with other encryption programs

CodeMaker2.0.sit.hqx     Make codes for your documents to secure them from the prying eyes that want to know what you are keeping hidden.

CryptDisk.sit.hqx    Secure Disks and disk images with encryption, need the program on both computers to decrypt/encrypt.

Crypter4.4.sit.hqx     This is a well worked on application worked on over versions.




MacOpie.sit.hqx    Mac Opie is a encrpytion program, uses low bits.

PGPFone1.0b7.sit.hqx    Encrypt voice conversations by tcp/lan/ or phone.

PrivacyforPals1.5.sit..     This is not PGP, But is a well secured program.


SoftLock.sit.hqx    Lock your documents and programs with this application.

TinyCipher.sit.hqx    Cipher encryption for the macintosh computers.

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