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This weeks current winner is Dumpster Diving

Past Sites of the Week -
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NextCard Visa
This award was established to give other websites a chance and to get known by the macintosh community. Freaks Macintosh Archives is the sponsor and every week we update the site of the week to whoever we feel fits it best. Feel free to submit your link to us, you do have a chance, if its not this week it may be in the near future. Thank you everyone for supporting Freaks Macintosh Archives as we have grown to the top of the Macintosh Underground *pun?*

If a site goes down for some reason, maybe the ISP doesnt like the load that Freaks Macintosh Archives piles upon them, please email Freak. Who can be on the site of the week? Any mac site dealing with software/news or underground related materials. Where do i get the button for the site? We will email it to the author of the site. We do request that if you are choosen as site of the week, that you place the banner in a nonconspicuious place.

How can I have the site of the week information on my site? You know you want to place the Freaks Macintosh Archives site of the week WINNERS on your site. Well what does it take? Call your page whatever.SHTML *lowercase, just showing it needs to be SHTML* then email me, ill give you a tiny little tag!

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