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As the plan sites, Freak of Freaks Macintosh Archives will be holding a set time at DefCon 7.0 to speak about the MacOS, its security and the security around it. Freak will be discussing the programs out there for the MacOS to hack with, to secure with, and to test with. New Programs will be released at the con with full descriptions and tutorials.
We will have a few guest speakers who are really into the macintosh underground and programmers who make the programs for the macintosh..


  Here you will find information of DefCon 7.0, planning and Events.
This year DC will be held at the Alexis Park Resort and Spa. This is one of the nicer resorts in Las Vegas. Unlike all the cha0s in the normal Casinos, we will be lounging in a resort. Personal rooms, out-door pool for the hot weather. So bring your Suits or just jump in drunk. Im not sure If we can use the pool yet, or if they even know what DefCon is. If they do not know what DC is and they find out, they may fill the pool with cement. (:

  The rooms are well worth the cost of 79.00 a night. But if you prefer cheaper room rates just get a room down the strip some. Smoke filled, old people smelling, ka0tic mess. This years Con will be held July 9th - 11th. You can reserve your room now online at The Alexis Resort Room reservation website. Or you can call by voice at (800) 582-2228, the Convention name is "DEF CON"

02.04.99  Well we do have the pool this year, so dont worry bout the 'gators.
02.04.99  Private Party Planned for FMA, you know who to contact for details.

StaticUsers is currently planning some events. If you have any ideas toss us a email
05.17.99  Current Plans of the speach stated below:
Freaks Macintosh Archives Author Freaky will be speaking at this years Hacker Convention located in Las Vegas, NV called DefCon 7

This is the first speach of its kind dealing with the MacOS and its security. We plan on covering the following topics:
Macintosh Security Products:
OnGuard, FileGuard, Screen 2 Screen, FoolProof, AtEase

Macintosh Underground Products:
Such as programs to destruct a security product or cause another computer to crash (Denial of Service Attack)

We will also cover how macs are vulnerable to DoS attacks.
And release new programs for the Mac Platforms.

Freaks Macintosh Archives

Set time for the Speak of Macintosh Security is:
July 11th, 1999 - Track A - 13:00-13:50
See DefCon for more information
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