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last revision: 11.23.2k1

Welcome to my web site. I go by the aliases Freaky and Freak once known as NeoFreak. I started this web page while I was working at a local ISP in my town with the help of the staff there I had created a fully functional huge – very large web site which utilized more bandwidth than any of their other large corporate clients.

Years later and I am still maintaining the archives as well as the Macintosh Underground Message Board ( http://freaky.staticusers.net/ugboard/ ) and the Macintosh Underground Top Sites ( http://freaky.staticusers.net/topsites/ ). We had some server issues early 2001 which caused us to move to our own servers ( http://www.staticusers.net/ ).

More about me; For those of you who know me, you know I keep busy with work and my girlfriend Rie ( www.missturtle.com ) – She treats me good (:

Macintosh security has always been a love of mine, starting off with the standard warez, growing up and going to school had given me the opportunities to hack and really get into desktop and network security.

Have you ever sniffed the schools network from a Macintosh watching the teachers passwords go by in plain text as they check their E-Mail? I haven’t (:

A few years after I got into the scene I met up with this guy who had many ideas and a lot of enthusiasm - Templar. The scene in our town wasn’t large at the time – hell we didn’t know anyone there – we created a magazine and released it at a hacker convention with various security, hacking and phreaking articles – Mainly a lot of thoughts and instructions for the open minded – due to lack of funds we couldn’t continue with the follow up issue. However, we did meet some good people in our town and start a local hacker group which played a role with THUD, Blacklisted!411 and 2600 magazine.

Have you ever enabled file sharing on Mac computers that were in a store with network connection and created it into a large file server for your home network? :)

I run a hotline server ( hotline://fma.dhs.org:1234 ) with the wonderful help of Yoshi which has been online for over 3 years if I can count right. This graphical interfaced server lets users talk to each other, post news, and trade files. After large demand and to try to cut use of bandwidth and costs I created a professionally made CD-Rom and proudly labeled it ‘Freaks Macintosh Archives CD-ROM Volume 2K1’ and two years later I was able to return in full the investment made by the investor.

Now I have a new version of Freaks Macintosh Archives website almost ready to roll out with a sleek new design and fully database driven. I hope in this move over to a new site I can fix all the links and create proper descriptions/titles for all of the programs and do some sort of date sorting/feedback so the other Mac users can tell what is useful to them or not.

Duh Duh