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Title: Caem 3.5
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Caem 3.5 is now out.

Just a few days ago CAEM 3.0 was re-released on VersionTracker.com. Within 2 days hitting the Top 10 Download SPOT!

Caem is created by the Macintosh programmer Logik. This a well written application that easily sends secure email utilizing the SENDMAIL functions. Would you believe, when you send a E-Mail that hundreds of computers could see it and pick it up as it passes by? Somethings you want said you dont want others reading and you dont want them knowing its from you. CAEM 3.5 makes it possible to send secure E-Mails.

4855 Downloads in 3 days for version 3.0

Lets explain what 3.5 offers you:

  1. proxy support
  2. time zone customization
  3. anonymity preferences
  4. administrative password protection
  5. mail server storage
  6. mail server evaluation
  7. improved header formatting
  8. custom header storage
  9. international date format support
  10. resizable windows, more mac like windows
  11. multiple windows open at once
  12. improved scanning
  13. drag and drop
  14. file transfer improvements
  15. blind carbon and carbon copy options
  16. faster communications with mail server
  17. many bug fixes
  18. more stable
  19. gui enhancements
Now that we have caught your attention. This program is Free, take a look at it, give your feedback.
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