Press Release For Immediate Publishing

Freaks Macintosh Archives CD-ROM in stores near you at low cost with free update CD.
Macintosh Security/Hacking CD-ROM in stores near you at low cost with free update CD offer., Freaks Macintosh Archives and select MicroCenter* stores now offer the most complete Macintosh security and hacking archive CD-ROM at a low cost in stores around the United States with a special offer!

Freaks Macintosh Archives located at a MicroCenter store near you and at a nice low cost of $9.99 for a limited time and get a free update CD. You too can own a copy of the largest Macintosh underground/security archive CD-ROM for a low price, limited to these areas you can pick up your copy for $9.99 at MicroCenter stores at the following locations:

              * Fairfax, VirginiaPan Am Plaza, 3089 Nutley Street

              * Cambridge, Massachusetts - 727 Memorial Drive (corner of Magazine Street)

              * Dallas, Texas - Keystone Plaza, 13929 N. Central Expressway

Once purchased you may receive a free update CD-ROM by sending the original receipt to the following address, there are no shipping and handling fees just include your name and address in legible format:

      , Inc.
                6170 W. Lake Mead BLVD
                PMB 310
                Las Vegas, NV 89108-3207

The update CD-ROM includes all the newest additions to the Macintosh security/hacking scene since the release of the Freaks Macintosh Archives ( FMA) CD-ROM which includes the security speech given at the Las Vegas hacking confernce DEF CON 8 in VIDEO format.