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Title: GrouchySmurf 1.0b
Created by: WeeDo with special help from d_gerbil
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Notes from Freak:
This is the public first application to send spoofed broadcast packets. WeeDo a long time programmer has had the honor to work with d_gerbil and others to get this program rolling. Can't wait for the official release. Im sure there will be kaos online though now that mac users can send icmp packets like unix users can. Be kind when you use this application, of course it can be used for good(testing throughput/traffic congestion) or for bad uses. In my opinion voted best program of the year so far!

Begin Description:
Since a few years ago the ICMP broadcast attack has grown in popularity. In order to sensibilise the admins of the vulnerable broadcast servers who make that attack possible, the smurf and, later, papasmurf codes were released for the unix platform. GrouchySmurf bring this to your Mac.

GrouchySmurf is a Mac port of smurf.c for Linux, but it is in fact more than that. Its a whole application that allows you to test your victim's connectivity live, save and load broadcast files or enter broadcast servers manually, etc.

The ICMP broadcast attack GrouchySmurf performs is in fact pretty simple. The application spoofs packets source ip to the victim's ip address and send ICMP echo request (or Pings) to vulnerable broadcast servers found on the broadcast list. All the machine's on those subnets reply with ICMP echo replies (Pongs) to the victim's machine, usually flooding it off from the net.
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