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Macintosh Archive News and Updates

How long has Freaks Mac Archives been online? Wow we have brought the hackintosh community a lot of new files. We have a hotline @ fma.dhs.org:1234 also keep posting to our message board.
Archives Update Issue 3 HERE (last more current)
Silo by Logik 68k - PPC new Created by Logik, silo is a remote system analysis tool designed for security and administrative evaluational purposes. includes full documentation.   05/30/2k Internet
ScallopedPron new
Program similer to MacMans Diety. Mac Application to quickly view porn without the web and banners. Do not download if you are under 18.
  05.14.2k xxx
CerialClient 3.1 68k - PPC new Internet-based application to find programs and numbers from servers. More Compatible with Hotline software. This is its own software. A comparision would be to hotline. So have fun.   05/14/2k Internet
Surfers Serials May new
Database application with application registration codes. This may be illegal in your country, do not register something you have not allready paid for. This link is not hosted on our server.
  05.04.2k link
FMA CD ORDER NOW! new Click the link to get ordering instructions! FINISHED   04.30.2k Link
NextCard Visa
UltraScan 68k PPC new A high-speed service scanner(Created by LIE) with advanced viewing capabilities. Double click on an ip address to view the data recieved by the scanner for that address. This version is an incomplete alpha release so expect some bugs. Source code included for all the programmers that have their own ideas.   03/30/2k auditing
AIM Hack new As you know and everyone else proberly knows that every little internet person either uses America Online (AOL) or AIM (Aol Instant Messanger). They both have the same Instant Messaging Protocols except for some things but theres only one im going to talk to you about and thats the exploit that i guess has no name so for now ill call it the "6 key exploit". What this will do is simply kick the user offline in a jiffy! ;]   03/08/2k exploit
MagicKey 3.2.3a new
System Cowboy has released a new version of MagicKey. Which we are the first to have. Seems like we are the first to have everything. So if you see something that is not on our site send it to us! MagicKey is a appletalk password auditing tool.
  02.22.2k auditing
flOOder 2.2 FAT 68k flOOder 2.2 PPC new Macintosh Intelligence Productions has released flOOder 2.2. Fl00der is just a normal port flooder with a port scanner. The great diference between fl00der and any other port flooder for macintosh, are the options to choose how many kilobytes you would like to send (from 1 to 4) and the ability to send through 1 to 5 diferent ports. You can also flood the port continuosly, as in most port flooders.   02/20/2k internet
MacPork Update new
Once you have MacPork (read below for description) get the update to make it work. some of the proxy servers used were taken down.
  02.17.2k update
Blackout.org new
Blackout.org is down due to laws in Japan. AccessCard.org is up where all the people will be hosted, so if it was logik.blackout.org it will be logik.accesscard.org. rumors exist that blackout.org is going down. all the users who had subdomains will be componsated by a friend of mine. email freaky@staticusers.net with the subdomain you had and a login/password.
  02.12.2k news
MacPork PPC 68K new
MacPork scans your servers for +140 Vulnerabilities, +166 exploits, +177 Trojans, +66 Overflow probes, +86 holes in Unix protocols (SMTP, NetBios, RservicesÉ) the perfect tool for all system admins!
  02.12.2k auditing
MAC BETA PROGRAM 1.0 new This project is offered free of charge, a free counter for your site, why have those banners attached to your site that advertise something you don't even care about. Freaks Macintosh Archives counter program links only to macintosh/security/hacking related sites. And it doesn't include one of those huge banners. its a small icon attached to the counter! Even better we include full statistics, a secure server for your testing.

You ask, 'How can this be Free?'
It's free and it supports a specific community. By signing up you are helping test the reliably of our servers and our programs. It's free because you the webmasters are helping us develop it.

Easy to use?
So damn easy you just copy and paste some HTML garbage to your html file. No cgis are required to be installed, no SSI, no DHTML, no extra knowledge. The service is hosted by us! All remotely, no admin needed to set it up for you.
So once again you can sign up for it at:
  01/21/2k Link
Kevin Mitnick new
As if you have not seen it all over the news? Kevin Mitnick is out of jail. Read about his life now, with all the restrictions and bullshit he is bound by. ZDTV MSNBC NEWS.COM SLASHDOT
  01/21/2k LINK
MacPork 1.5 new Team2600 has released version 1.5 of MacPork, the macintosh platform cgi/security auditing application. Now with more holes added and new featurs!   01/21/2k Link
Wingate Vacuum new
Update: New Version, new features, more scanning! Seems like WeeDo and Logik come back at the same time. This is a EARLY release! WGV queries Undernet (and possibly other IRC servers?) IRC servers for their gline list, in other words the program downloads the list of all the permanently banned IP adresses from the server, those include 'insecure proxys', often WinGates, which are easily exploitable. included are two screenshots. [screenshot] [screenshot]
  01/21/2k Internet
Logik new Logik has been a big part of the macintosh underground community. after his long relaxed vacation, and time with his girlie he has decided to unleash a few new programs. Not quiet ready yet, but let me tell you, the first place your going to find them is right here on Freaks Macintosh Archives. So while your waiting read some reviews and visit Logik's Website   01/18/2k Link
The Midnight Raid 8 new Textfile - Zine reguarding underground related issues. Good reading materials - Try it in the bathroom or in the kitchen.   01/14/2k text-zine
MacPork new Developed by Team2600 MacPork is a auditing tool like many seen for unix platforms, this is a small program that allow you to scan a server for tracking holes and exploiting them. MacPork scan over 130 vulnerabilities and retrieve a passwd file in 45 differents manners. It's the best scanner/retriever ever made on both macintosh and unix.Update: This version does not access banners. Has new prefs, quicker scanning, and anonymous scanning.   01/14/2k auditing
Digital Rebels Zine 3 new Digital-Rebels asked to have their magazine placed in our archives. This is hacking orianted, not just macintosh. There is a Interview with Freaky in it. I dont think he remembers doing it but its there. Check it out, support h/p/a/c wherever you are =)   01/09/2k zine
MagicKey III new
Created by SystemCowboy of Digital-Rebels The program will atempt to crack a users account on an appletalk network. [screenshot] OS8 Ready. Email Freaky tell me if its OS9 Ready.
  01/09/2k cracking/audit
Two AtEase papers added new
Open others people crap is a paper describing how to open others peoples crap while restricted by atease. Second AtEase 5 email is a story how one got past at ease 5 and utilized the default remote administrator password.
  12/12/99 atease sec
Happle 11 new
Files included within Happle 11 created and edited by Jambo
Letters [Various]
Black Belt Hacking Ethics [Don Quixote]
The Changing Face of Hacking [Don Quixote]
Interview: Surfer
C++ Part 2 [Dr. Frank]
How to Take Advantage of a School Network [Infinite Loop]
Introduction to Hacking Part 3 [Ferrocyanide]
Keeping Root - Backdoors [Ferrocyanide]
Novell [Ferrrocyanide]
Assorted Exploits [Ferrocyanide]
Default Security Codes For Sprint PCS Phones [Qwest]
poofing HTTP_userAgent on a Mac [BlakFli]
Router Hacking [TonyTiger]
How to Check Credit Card Numbers With C [Qwest]
Intercepting Cordless Phone Conversations [Qwest]
Introduction To Mac Back Orifice [milquetoast]
Palm III Hacking [Alienbinary]
The Ask.com Security Hole [Alienbinary]
Clippings [Various]
Legal Information [Happle Staff]
  12/11/99 Happle 11
Hotline Download (quick) new Ever want to download Hotline but get discouraged by the 10 page download question form? Bolt has submited to us the quick way to download both the client and the server.   12/10/99 Hotline
Surfers Serial 12/99 new
Merry Xmas, if you've had a hard time finding the latest Surfer Serial Database file - Here is a link. We are not hosting the file. Merry Xmas, and do the banner thing!@
  12/09/99 xMas Gift
Freaks Macintosh Archives CDrom new PRE-ORDER - Want to ensure you will recieve a copy of the Office Freaks Macintosh Archives CDrom for the low price of 20.00? Limited copies are being made. These are REAL cds, with jewel cases, etc... THIS IS NOT CDR quality. Send a email to freaky-order@staticusers.net with a prefered method of payment. SSL(credit card), Check or Money Order. You have asked for the CD, now we are creating it. Included is the Edited copy of the Macintosh Security Speech @ DefCon 7   12/09/99 CDROM
Freaks Mac Archives HOTLINE, News Etc/ new Freaks Mac Archives HOTLINE is up. Upload all your files. If you need to know more about hotline follow this link to hotline open the client and goto FMA.DHS.org:1234   12/09/99 hotline|NEWS
Mail Brute Force Crack new PPC application to brute force POP3 mail servers. Great if you forget your password, or want to remember someone elses.   12/09/99 crack/security
Strip A Post new
Taken from SecureMac.com a security advisory regarding Apple Laser Writer Printers containing hidden information in post documents.
  10/25/99 text
Gerry's ICQ Cracker new Application said to crack Gerry ICQ. Works fine - greps the username/password out of plain text file   10/25/99 cracking
AppleShare IP Idea new
taken from the Punkz mailing list is a text file on a way to gain access to AppleShare IP services
  10/25/99 text
Overdose PR2 new Multiple exploits in one app. Everything from ICQ99 to MacOS Websharing.Please note that this is a preview version. Brand new & cool interface, a must !   10/8/99 exploit/multi
Surfers Serial 10/99 new
Surfers Serial 10/99 (remote link)
  10/6/99 serial
Wingate Octothorper-trojan new Wingate Octthorper 1.0 has a small unknown feature...namely it also e-mails all the wingates it finds to carolasven@hotmail.com.
It also includes the info from your internet config file in its message. The message it sends looks like this:
IP Found:
Fred Garvin
Prostitute, Inc. all
taken from the intenet config file>
  10/6/99 notice/advise
MHW 1.0b2 new
New beta of this utility set. Macintosh Hackers Workshop is a suite for the mac. mainly aimed at cracking unix passwords but you can use it for other purposes. Many features must look
  10/6/99 cracking
FTP Cracker 1.3 new Application to bruteforce FTP accounts. Take a look @ it and send in some feedback.   10/6/99 email/bomb
AtFinder 2.1 new
At Ease application to disrupt and enter into the finder.
  10/6/99 security
NailMail 2.5 Final new The long awaited NailMail 2.5 is here. Faster mailbombing and many other features! New GUI   09/19/99 email/bomb
MacFOVC new
This programs converts hex codes into channel numbers for following cell calls on Motorola phones. Original source code written by Doctor Who.
  09/18/99 phone/cell
BreakIn 1.0 new Tools and instructions on getting into a Macintosh protected with LockOut software.   09/18/99 compromise/security
MHW new
Macintosh Hackers Workshop is a suite for the mac. mainly aimed at cracking unix passwords but you can use it for other purposes. Many features must look
  09/18/99 cracking
Internet Password Decrypter new broke the internet prefs files encryption and thus borught you...IPD. It will give you the password for an internet connection of a computer if you have the prefs file from that computer and the password has been set to be saved (which it normally has).   09/18/99 hacking/decryt
Apple Password Decrypter new
little program that willl decrypt the ASCII encrypted passwords from the U&G file. Has 2 methods to try
  09/18/99 hacking/decryt
Apple Password Decrypter 2b new New version. Bit buggy and still having problems fguring out first part of encryption>>> No spare time. In this version just type the username and it does the rest for you!   09/10/99 hacking/decryt
Hotline Connect 1.7 new
Hotline Software has released a new version of their client. All hotline users should get it. New users who want to know about it take a look. And if you use hotline be sure to connect to the Freaks Mac Archives hotline server listed below.
  09/16/99 hotline
WinGateOctothorper new
WinGate Octothorper 1.0 scans for Microsoft Windows machines running WinGate. WinGate Octothorper 1.0 requires that you issue a range of IPs to scan, i.e., x.x.x.x to z.z.z.z . If it encounters a WinGate equipped computer, it will write to a file called "WinGate Octothorper Strikes" in the same folder as the program, say "WinGate Detected", place a "[*]" in the title bar and list the IP of the computer within its interface.
  09/07/99 auditing/wingate
Ferret v0.0.1b4 new
Jindel has announced beta 4 of Ferret. A small application that quickly gathers all important information (logins/paswords) from a system. (descrambling all passwords into plaintext.) This application uses the same algorithms as 'Fink', but with a few extra 'searches'. It is meant to be used with a startup disk, or when you only have a few seconds of access to the machine. You can also drag-n-drop preferences onto it to get the information you want from a particular file. (for when you were only able to get ahold of the preference file, and not direct access to the machine)
  09/08/99 hacking
Duh FMA CD (1046bytes) Duh